AMERICAN SAILING CUP | The defending champions of the America’s Cup sailing show their power in Jeddah against some fierce Italians

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2023-12-02 14:45:00

He ‘match race’ final, one against one, has crowned this Saturday at noon in Jeddah to the defender of the Sailing America’s Cuphe Emirates Team New Zealand. Los kiwis have imposed their power in the waters of the Red Sea in the face of some fierce Italians who have presented a real candidacy to take away their hundred guineas jug in Barcelona next summer. But that’s what it’s for a long time.

The finalwhich could not be held in Vilanova due to lack of wind and which awarded the victory to the team that had achieved the most points, the American Magic, it has been intense and exciting. Just one final mistake Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli when taking the door in the last lap has clouded the result. The defenders of the Cup were pushing for the victory of the preliminary tooth and nail, the Italians have forced the turn and the AC40 has been flooded. She couldn’t continue.

The Luna Rossa, a classic

The face of Marco Gradonithe 19-year-old helmsman who made his debut alongside Roger Tita in this competition, it has been a poem. They have had victory within reach of their fingers, but the kiwi supremacy Has been imposed. “I would have signed for this result Before arriving in Saudi Arabia, we had many technical problems. Furthermore, the four crew members we had only trained together 11 times“What we have achieved is a milestone,” he exclaimed on the ground.

Los Italians They are not newcomers in the fight for the top positions. Although they have never achieved a America Cupwere the finalists of the last edition also against the New Zealanders in 2021 in Auckland. With four heats won by Emirates Team New Zealand and of the by Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli, the third and last day from preliminary regatta In the Red Sea a battle between two was foreseen. Although Alinghi Red Bull Racing He came out with every intention of making use of his previous weeks in Jeddahas explained hours before by its co-director general Silvio Arrivabene.

Alinghi Red Bull can’t hold up

However, the Swiss have not been able to complete their good previous navigation. The competition has been fierce because no one wanted to be at the bottom of the table, his rod reasoned. Arnaud Psarofaghis at the end of the day. And everyone (Americans, French and even British) has spoiled the party. Alinghi Red Bull Racing has been in last position in the first race and, consequently, without any possibility of fighting for the final match race among the top two in the classification.

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The first exit The regatta was like Friday’s, clean and without penalties. Everyone started aware that this moment was crucial for the rest of the race. The extraordinary equality of the teams added to the circumstance that the ships they pilot are identical The result is that victory always ends up being in the details.

French frustration

As in the of the journeys previous, the kiwis initially prevailed, although the Italians picked up the pace quickly and took the lead for almost the entire race, followed by a Orient Express Racing Express somewhat frustrated by the results so far, which they also attributed to technical problems, and they have ended up finishing fourth. “In the end we are happy with how we finished,” smiled the cane French Kenin Pepponet at the end of the race.

“We have made a good exit and we have sailed well. We are already mathematically in the final and now we have to stay calm,” the Italian helmsman assessed in the organization’s television broadcast. Stepswhile the team manager, Max Mermaidhe affectionately hit his helmet to congratulate him.

For positions 3 to 6

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In the second sleeve only he was free pride and the positions from 3 to 6. With the two that were going to the final already decided, it only remained to know if Alinghi Red Bull Racing flew better in the regatta field of the Red Sea than in the first heat. And they have shown their pride and have launched themselves to challenge the Kiwis, who despite having a guaranteed place in the final, are always hungry for victories.

In it Jeddah final result The Swiss came third, followed in this order by Americans, British and French.

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