Annalisa, Arianna, Antonello and the fear of being in contact with others

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twelve o’clock, November 21, 2021 – 11:40

There is difficulty in feeling good. A year and a half later, the compulsion to become islands shows the fatigue of girls, boys and teenagers

from Giancarlo Visitilli

Sono the days when, despite the radiators on, the school does not heat up. There is difficulty in feeling good. A year and a half later, the compulsion to become islands shows the fatigue of girls, boys and adolescents in feeling like a group, friends, class. Archipelagos. on which we are working a lot, says Lea Vergatti, a psychologist among many who no longer have free days to welcome students and teachers, after what happened at school, starting with the families of our children and children, then catapulted into every place, such as if nothing had happened. The emptiness, the difficulty in living spaces, together with phobias, anxiety. Because, the illness of teachers who have started school again, as if nothing had happened: lectures, homework, questions. Without wasting time. Indeed, with the idea of ​​recovering the unrecoverable, losing what we really have left in the oblivion of the interest of those who should educate: feeling good. The first time I went back to school, with the pandemic underway – says Arianna Termite, a student from Massafra – it was not the best. The school laughs, organizing the books to take with the desk mate to lighten the load, passing the slips of paper with the solutions. Union. Instead, we found apparent tranquility. I see separate desks, as I have learned to see them only during a class test. Here, I live as if every day I was in contact with a test in class. The banks separated only during the checks, have now become the norm.

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Un mode, together with muzzles or underpants, depending on the interpretation given to the masks. Back at school, we would have expected a way of doing school differently – says Annalisa, from Santeramo in Colle – In presence it has become heavier and worse than in Dad. A paradox. The same one who lives Annalisa, says she hasn’t menstruated for six months. The psychologist says I somatized a lot of stuff. There are also problems in middle school: There is a strong increase in the ego – says a principal from Bari – in the possession of one’s habitat, of one’s belongings. After two years without brakes, being literally alone, now, since the first year we have serious relationship difficulties. I am, the rest is nothing, their philosophy. They are aggressive, they have no listening skills. An exasperated selfishness: the pupil who thinks he is in his room, who decides when and whether to study, when to turn on, turn off. He decides. And since at school others decide for you, the end. This is scary. It will take time to channel one’s identity. Today the group class is an almost unattainable goal. And the stories like those of Annalisa, Arianna, Antonello, who are afraid of being in contact with others, are many. Too many. But not enough to question the school’s programs. And who forgets his greatest task: to educate to be well.

November 21, 2021 | 11:40

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