Apple is now worth more than $3 trillion

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2023-06-30 22:56:00


The technology group is worth more than three million dollars.

(Foto: Bloomberg)

San Francisco Apple became the first public company to close a trading day with a market value of $3 trillion. Apple shares closed Friday up 2.3 percent at $193.97; thus a market value of 3.04 trillion dollars (2.79 trillion euros) was reached.

The 47-year-old company, which was co-founded by Silicon Valley legend Steve Jobs, briefly hit a market value of $3 trillion on consecutive days back in January 2022, but failed to hold that number until the market close. Instead, Apple stock went into a downtrend that briefly pushed the company’s market value below $2 trillion. The background was slower growth and nervousness among investors because of rising interest rates, which affected the entire technology sector.

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