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2023-06-29 16:41:00

MISS TAHITI. Ravahere Silloux is the first candidate for Miss France elected for the 2024 contest. But who is she? Discover his portrait.

The first candidate for the Miss France 2024 election is now known. Tahiti elected its representative during its regional election, which was held on June 23, 2023 in Papeete. It was Ravahere Silloux who left with Miss’s crown and scarf. Tahiti on this occasion, officially entering the Miss France competition, which takes place on December 16 in Dijon.

Ravahere Silloux is 24 years old. She is distinguished, in particular, by her Tahitian, Chinese and German origins. The new Miss Tahithi did not fail to assert her humanitarian commitments to obtain the favors of the jury, having worked in particular for the education of children in Togo when she was 20 years old. Professionally, the young woman is currently a student in Master 1 of digital marketing, and plans to open her own communication agency. What to seduce the jury of Miss France and the public? Answer by the end of the year.

All about Miss Tahiti

Miss Tahiti is a beauty contest which aims to elect a candidate for the Miss France contest each year. Several young women from the Tahitian island, in French Polynesia, apply in the hope of becoming the ambassador of the archipelago. Since the creation of the committee in 1960, five Miss Tahiti have been elected Miss France: Edna Tepava in 1974, Thilda Fuller in 1980 (she however renounced her title three days after her coronation), Mareva Georges in 1991, Mareva Galenter in 1999 And Vaimalama Chaves in 2019.

Latest Miss Tahiti

Herenui Tuheiava23, had been elected to represent Tahiti in the Miss France 2023 competition. However, she was not ranked among the 15 finalists.
Tumateata Buisson was elected to represent Tahiti in the Miss France 2022 election, in December 2021. The candidate had ranked very well, since she became the third runner-up to Diane Leyre.
No election in 2020: There was no candidate from Tahiti in the Miss France 2021 election, which was held in December 2020. The Miss Tahiti committee has decided not to organize its traditional regional election this year, due to the coronavirus. The organizers deemed it wiser to cancel the event so as not to put the candidates and the organizers at risk. In fact, no representative of the Polynesian island had been elected Miss Tahiti in 2020.
sun bouquet : In 2019, Matahari Bousquet was elected Miss Tahiti in Papeete. Aged 23 at the time of her coronation, the candidate was registered at the time for a degree in English Language, Literature and Foreign Civilization, in order to enter a Master’s degree in order to become a school teacher or enter a fashion school, environment that particularly fascinated her. During the Miss France 2020 election, Matahari Bousquet ranked second runner-up to Clémence Botino.
Tumateata Buisson was elected Miss Tahiti 2021 at the age of 21. The young woman also proudly affirms her “interbreeding”: “I have Asian origins, a Tahitian first name and a French name”, she listed with the Polynésie 1ère channel the day after her coronation. Professionally, Tumateata Buisson works as a communication officer in tourism. She got fourth place at Miss France 2022. Here is the portrait of the representative of Tahiti
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