Armed Killer Dolphins: The Strange Army of the Mossad Chasing Hamas Commandos

by time news

Gaza: Hamas reveals shocking revelation that Mossad, an Israeli spy agency, is training dolphins and turning them into killers at sea to hunt down Gaza troops. They said the dolphins were armed with special weapons and were good at killing.

Mossad’s state-of-the-art naval warfare aims to assassinate Frogman Commandos, Hamas’ naval wing. Al-Quds, an Arab media outlet, reports that the dolphins have been in the Israeli army since 2015.

They also revealed that one such dolphin had attacked their commandos off the coast of Gaza. However, Hamas did not say in which operation it happened.

Defensive expert Joe Trussman shared information about these so-called ‘killer Zionist dolphins’ on Twitter. A special weapon captured from a dolphin wearing a deadly weapon can also be seen in the video on Twitter. Hamas has not released information on what this is or how it works.

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