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Assistance dog Kiki urgently needed surgery

Assistance dog Kiki is an important companion in Tanja Becker’s everyday life

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The Abendblatt-Verein supported a needy person with a mental handicap with the veterinary costs for her dog.

Kiki is Tanja Becker’s (*name changed) great support in life. She cannot find her way around without the mixed-breed dog, cannot easily leave the house or meet other people, because she is mentally ill and disabled due to several severe traumas. To support her, the animal was specially trained to be an assistance dog with regard to her needs.

Such dogs learn to create distance from other people by placing themselves appropriately. “For example, if the dog owner stands in front of a shop window, the dog lies down behind her, so that passers-by have to walk around her,” says Sina Rademacher, who, as an assistance dog trainer, has practiced with Tanja Becker and her dog. Also, dogs like Kiki guide people out of problematic situations such as crowds, where the assistance dog leads the owner to the edge or to a bench so that the owner can rest. These dogs provide security and confidence similar to a human companion.

Collected money from friends

But Kiki herself also fell ill, she had a big knee problem, so that expensive medical treatment was necessary. Tanja Becker lives on disability pension and basic security and therefore has little money. She tried very hard to raise money herself to help her faithful companion: “I have already been able to collect money from friends and family and have also sold a few things myself. But there is still money missing and I urgently ask for your help because I depend so much on Kiki,” she told us.

Hamburger Abendblatt helps e. V. financed the medical treatment of the eight-year-old bitch, who can now move well again. A short time later, we received feedback from Tanja Becker: “I would like to thank you very much for the extremely generous donation. Kiki has recovered very well from the surgery and is getting better every day. Since mid-July, Kiki has been able to work fully again as an assistance dog and accompany me everywhere. She enjoys running and romping with other dogs much more. I’m really grateful to you.”

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