Akonio Dolo, this unmasked Dogon

Published on : 02/07/2022 – 16:10 Maybe it’s a messenger. The story of Akonio Dolo deserves a film, I assure you: it would tell how, a little shepherd born in the Dogon Country in Mali, he found himself projected at the age of 14 into a mansion in Paris, in the middle of the intelligentsia […]

Josselin Guillois, a writer’s heart

When we find him on the terrace of an Angevin café, on the very poetic Promenade du bout du monde, he is scribbling on a small yellow Moleskine notebook. Notebook that he hastens to put away in his thick leather satchel when we arrive. Over the past seventeen years, Josselin Guillois has darkened nearly a […]

Scandal breaks out on Taganka: local residents fight for Rogozhsky garages

+ A – They want to demolish the historic complex in order to build luxury housing in its place A scandal flares up on the net around the Rogozhsky garages – a monument of constructivism of the 1950s, which is not officially recognized as such. The car depot worked until 1999, and then was transferred […]

First “Vauvenargues Musical Encounters” with the Syrian violinist Bilal Alnemr

It is an extraordinary destiny: that of the Syrian violinist Bilal Alnemr. Born in Damascus, this young virtuoso inaugurates, at the age of 25, his first festival in the South of France. With the “Musical Meetings of Vauvenargues”, he wishes to thank – in music – this Provençal village listed as a UNESCO World Heritage […]

seven injured “in relative emergency” after violent gusts

The prefecture of the Territory of Belfort and the organizers preferred to give up its opening evening with Stromae following very bad weather which swept away a metal pylon. The second day of the festival, this Friday, has also been canceled. The first evening of the Eurockéennes de Belfort was canceled this Thursday, June 30 […]

what is happening at Fayard?

“Independence is my honor, and it is above all an essential requirement of our authors”, wanted to reassure Isabelle Saporta, the new CEO of Fayard editions, in an interview with Obs the day after her appointment, in mid-June. The one who was until now literary director in the same house (in particular editor of the […]

Just before the Prime Minister: Another good news for the Lapid family

The Lapid family notes some particularly moving moments. While the chairman of Yesh Atid and the deputy prime minister, Yair Lapid, are about to take up the most senior position in the country – the next prime minister of Israel, his wife of 32 years, Lehi Lapid, also receives particularly happy news. Click here and […]