AstraZeneca in France over 55. Locatelli: “There is no reason”


The AstraZeneca vaccine in France is recommended for individuals over the age of 55. The restriction will not be adopted in Italy, as explained by Professor Franco Locatelli, president of the Superior Health Council (Css) and coordinator of the Technical Scientific Committee (Cts). The vaccine yesterday received the green light from EMA, the European drug agency, after the suspension linked to reports of thrombotic events in vaccinated subjects.

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The Paris High Health Authority today recommended the use of the Astrazeneca vaccine only for those over the age of 55. France resumed vaccinations today. This limitation is explained by the fact that the serious cases of blood clotting problems that had motivated the suspension of the vaccine were observed only on people under the age of 55, the French health authority specified.


For the EU countries “there is autonomy and freedom to decide on any restrictions on use. We also collectively assessed this aspect which was clearly considered and it was not considered that there were reasons for restrictions on employment under 55 A large part of the people were vaccinated under that age and therefore it is almost physiological that the cases have concentrated there “, underlined Locatelli, answering the questions in the press conference at the Ministry of Health following the pronouncement of the European Medicines Agency Ema on AstraZeneca’s anti-Covid vaccine.


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