Astria Nelo, future French gymnastics star: “We have never seen a girl of her age so strong”

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2023-12-09 17:08:12

“You will (soon) hear about them”

Because Île-de-France is considered an incredible pool of talent, who have broken through to the highest level, our series of articles “You will (soon) hear about them” invites you to go on a discovery journey. nuggets from the Ile-de-France region to which a golden future is predicted.

In his club in Meaux, we had never seen that. At 14 years old, Astria Nelo is perhaps the new Simone Biles, world gymnastics star. In any case, the potential of this teenager is the opposite of her height (1.50 m). Immense. “She is clearly the best of her generation, that of the girls born in 2009,” assures Sarah Salens, her former coach at the Meldois hopefuls pole.

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