Gerson Rufino reacts to criticism for going to the beach: ‘Mind your own business’

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2023-12-08 15:23:47

Pentecostal singer Gerson Rufino was criticized by internet users who follow him on social media for appearing in a tank top shirt post. Upon learning of the comments, the artist made a post questioning whether the beach attire that would please his brothers was “a suit and tie to demonstrate holiness”.

On a visit to Fortaleza (CE), Gerson Rufino made a video wearing a tank top. The publication was shared on social media, especially on Instagram, by pages that cover the routine of artists in the gospel segment. The singer, however, did not like the criticism in the comments and showed all his impatience:

“To start the conversation: go chip yourself. Take care of your life. Do you know what your problem is, believers? Talking too much about other people’s lives”, he said. “Shall we arrange a deal? Take care of your life. I’m here on the beach, you want me to be likein a suit and tie to demonstrate holiness, a holiness that doesn’t exist?”, he asked.

Gerson Rufino stated that many people live by appearance and have become accustomed to living on the hunt for those who do not submit to this radicalism: “That’s what you like, lies. That’s what’s full today: lies. Stop being a hypocrite, boy! At least have decency, at least shame on your face. I’m on a beach like this, the most beautiful thing in the world, how do you want me to be here, tell me? This is ugly, guys.”

“This has already crossed the line. There are a lot of people taking care of other people’s lives. Take care of your home, take care of your wife, take care of your children. Mind your own business, I’ll take care of mine, okay? A hug! Here’s a tip for reflection for the day”, concluded the singer.

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Even with the contextualization and Rufino’s outburst, there were those who chose to address the issue in the comments, criticizing the video: “He tells his brothers to get chipped and then wants to get on the pulpit to talk about God, this guy has always been arrogant, humility goes a long way Of him, you should be ashamed of yourself, and learn to respect people more”, wrote a follower.

“Was this harsh word ‘go and go…’ directed at the same people you say you belong to, who ask them to worship when you sing, who pay your fees, who promote your name and listen to your hymns? If so, congratulations, you owe and owe a lot to these people, so it would be good to weigh your tongue, if it hurts from something, go pray for them, and ask the spirit to clean your house and theirs too, now let go these barbs, you can’t believe ‘believer’!”, reproached another user of Instagram.

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