At 84 he survives Covid and now he wants to donate 30,000 euros

by time news – Infected by Covid at the age of 84, she defeated it and now she wants donate 30 thousand euros in support of the vaccination campaign. Angela Putzulu, Sardinian painter and writer, discovered last December, by chance, that she was positive for the virus.

“I had had the swab before a medical examination, but I’ve always been asymptomatic“, the artist tells,” and after two weeks I tested negative. “Despite the age, one of the most at risk for those who contract the coronavirus, and living with the consequences of a stroke that hit her in the past, Putzulu has overcome the disease.

“I have never been afraid”, assures the painter. “I stayed home with my husband, who has always been negative, and I heard the general practitioner by phone. “The artist decided to ‘transform’ this experience into something positive:” I’ll write a book “, he announces.

Furthermore, Putzulu has decided on an economic donation for the vaccination campaign: “Perhaps the help of individuals can be useful”, he explains, “so the idea is to contact the Civil Protection to offer my contribution”. The woman will help also to a thirty-year-old from Bergamo, a fitness teacher, who lost her job with the closure of the gyms.


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