Attal wants to raise the level of French high school students thanks to artificial intelligence

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2023-12-07 18:00:00

Tuesday, November 5, during the presentation of his school plan, Gabriel Attal promised the generalization of an artificial intelligence tool in high school to raise the level in French and maths. The application is called MIA and should be used by 800,000 second-year students from September 2024.

At the start of the 2023 school year, he had barely taken up his post as Minister of Education when the rising star of Macronism already wanted to “put the emphasis on fundamental knowledge”. He had not said how, and he would not have waited for the debates of “Presidential Science Council” to let it be known.

The idea is to rely on MIA (for “interactive and adaptive module”), an application developed by EvidenceB. With some 20,000 adaptive exercises in math and French, the latter is based on the so-called technique of l’adaptative learning to assess a student’s level, then their progress, to offer them adequate and evolving work. Goodbye notebooks, everything will be done on computer, tablet or smartphone. Thierry de Vulpillières, former director of educational partnerships at Microsoft and co-founder of EvidenceB, assures that it is a meeting between AI and cognitive sciences.

For smooth development, the application is coded to offer exercises that are systematically just above the student’s level: “neither too easy, so as not to bore, nor too difficult, so as not to discourage”.

And the professor in all this? He will have access to a dashboard, from which he can monitor student progress, but also and above all possible blockages. If we need to make up for any shortcomings, it will be up to him to play. That being said, it will certainly take some time for teachers to adapt to really find their place in this type of teaching.

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It also makes us wonder whether this innovation is really designed for the good of Education, or for that of technological competition. While artificial intelligence has become one of the key subjects of the future, France is trying to do well beyond Europe.

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