The Hungarian handball captain saw the fire in the girls this time

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2023-12-07 21:18:22

Vladimir Golovin was also questioned for the first time in front of the M4 Sport cameras about what can be known about Szemerey’s injury.

“We don’t know how big it is, we trust that it’s smaller,” came the answer.

After that, the national team captain said that he was very happy that what was planned was achieved.

At the end of the first half, we didn’t hold our defense and made mistakes in attack, but I wasn’t scared even when the opponent came a little closer. I saw the girls before the game and I knew we would do it.

We were very focused, thanks to this easier victory. But we worked a lot to make it that way.”

The five-goaler Nadine Szöllősi-Schatzl also expressed his satisfaction, as he managed to forget the derailment against Montenegro.

“After the defeat, we focused more on mental things, we played team-building games to get out of the bad mood and get positive energy. I am confident that we will continue this momentum for the next two matches as well,” he said.

Réka Bordás he said, it was important that what they did well against Montenegro in the first half was carried over to this match.

“What happened is over, we’re just looking forward. I’m glad that our defense came together and we didn’t let them out.”

Handball, women’s WC, semi-final, group I, 1st round

Hungary – Senegal 30-20 (14-8)

Gothenburg, Scandinavium
v.: Ku, Li (South Korean)
Hungary: Böde-Bíró 1, Szemerey (goalkeepers) – Győri-Lukács 5, Klujber 9, Vámos 4, Bordás 1, Kuczora 2, Szöllősi-Schatzl 5, Papp, Füzi-Tóvizi, Debreczeni-Klivinyi 1, Albek, Pásztor, Simon, Márton 2

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Croatia – Montenegro 26-25 (13-13)

20.30: Sweden – Cameroon

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