Australia changes its rugby tackling rules to reduce brain injuries

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2023-12-01 21:29:38

The Australian Rugby Federation announced this Friday a change in the regulations regarding plywood: from February 2024 They can only be carried out up to the height of the breastbone to reduce the brain injuries.

This new standard will be implemented in all competitions rugby in the country with the exception of the higher leagues Super Rugby Pacific and Super Rugby W (feminine).

The new regulations are framed within the new purpose of the federation, which last March urged national associations to lower the permitted height of tackling to reduce injuries.

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It is important that we continue to explore ways to make our sport as entertaining and safe as possible. “Community play is the lifeblood of our sport and represents 99% of our participants.”said the president of Rugby World then, Bill Beaumont.

Last year, Melanie Busseyprofessor of the University of Otago (New Zealand), already presented a study showing that tackles above the sternum increased the risk of head contusions.

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