Austria-wide civil defense test alarm on Saturday |

A nationwide civil defense test alarm will be carried out again on Saturday. After the “Siren test” signal, the three civil defense signals “Warning”, “Alarm” and “All-clear” are broadcast between 12 noon and 12.45 pm. The annual test serves on the one hand to check the technical equipment. At the same time, the population should be made familiar with the signals that can emanate from around 8,200 fire brigade sirens.

The meaning of the signals: “Siren test” (15 seconds), “Warning” (three minutes constant tone) – approaching danger! Switch on the radio, TV or the Internet, observe the rules of conduct, “alarm” (howling sound that increases and decreases for one minute) – danger! Go to protective areas or rooms, follow the behavioral measures given on the radio, television or on the Internet, “all clear” (one minute constant tone) – end of danger! Observe further information on radio, television or the Internet.

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