Awards for “contextual” architecture

Awards for “contextual” architecture

2023-06-02 21:01:20

The twenty-fifth edition of the Girona County Architecture Awards has bet for an architecture “of context”, which works in a “silent, almost anonymous way, which moves away from formal tensions to relate sensibly with places”. This is confirmed by the jury, made up of João Mendes Ribeiro as president and Fuensanta Nieto and Michèle Orliac as members, who have recognized seventeen of the twenty-three works that made it to the final phase of the prizes of the Demarcation of Girona of the College of Architects of Catalonia (COAC).

The jury celebrates “a very positive phenomenon, in which a new generation of architects manifests affection and resilience towards the discipline of architecture, planting seeds in scattered places in the territory». In many cases, points out the jury is an architecture that works “on a small scale, domestic and private, closely related to the landscape”.

The PIN8 House, winner of the Architecture award, GAEL OF THE RIVER

In fact, in the main category, architecturesthe jury highlights that one of the architects’ main challenges lies “in the ability to respond to contemporary needs and techniques, while respecting tradition and the ecological and cultural balance with the site”.

Of between a selection of finalist projects that included works such as the Girona Clinic or the reform of the Museu de l’Empordà in Figuereshas been the winner the Pin8 House in Forallac, by PMMT Arquitecturaa project that “establishes a powerful and tense relationship with the surrounding buildings”.

The jury has also awarded six mentions in this category to works such as Two wooden houses in Vidrà de Sau Workshop Architecture, Areny in Girona by Ferran López and Mireia Colls or L’Alzina homes in Caldes de Malavella, by Jaime Prous.

The award-winning project in the Interiors category. JOSE HEVIA BLACH

Regarding the category ofInteriorsthe prize is for Interstices Habitats in Girona, by 05 AM Architecturea “radical” project, according to the jury, which “demonstrates the ability of its architects to interpret the transformation of existing architecture in an original and innovative way”.

Three mentions have also been awarded to the Fonda d’El Foment, of the Maite Prats Interior Architecture Studio, the conversion of a workshop at the Cellera de Vida Arquitectura and FEM a Salt, by Numun Architecture.

In the section of Landscapeshas been awarded Balcó Gavarres, a viewpoint in the Torre Desvern de Celrà park, by Tallerarquitectura+Estudi CCB24, in which the jury highlights the tower as “an exemplary link between architecture, landscape and the experience of a place”.

The viewpoint of the Torre Desvern park in Celrà. COAC Girona

The mention has gone by Under the Bridgean intervention in Sant Feliu de Pallerols d’Arnau Studio of Architecture + Marc Costa Soler.

Nest of Fire, an installation for the Lluèrnia d’Olot festival by Jaume Tané, Xevi Bayona, Ariadna Castells, Marc Lorente and Emi Martinez, Aniol Coll is the award-winning work ofephemeral, category in which three other Olotine installations have also received a mention.

“Nest of Fire”, Ephemeral prize. COAC Girona

In addition to the professional jury awards, with more than 2,500 votes, the public has awarded the Opinion Award, selected from among the eighty-eight works submitted for the awards, to Domis Fuscius a project by Sotelo Margalef Arquitectes in Foixà.

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