Away from home, São Paulo is surpassed by Atlético-MG

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2023-12-03 01:51:52

On Saturday night (2), in their last away match at the Brasileirão, São Paulo was defeated by Atlético-MG 2-1, at Mineirão, in Belo Horizonte, in the 37th round of the championship. Luciano scored Tricolor’s goal.


Under torrential rain in the opening minutes, the first half was quite balanced, marked by a high number of fouls from both teams, leaving the match truncated and without rhythm. At 10 minutes, the São Paulo team arrived in danger with a bomb from outside the area by Alisson, but the ball went over the Atlético goal. In the 30th minute, Luciano shot from outside the area, the opposing goalkeeper saved it and, on the rebound, Erison finished wide.

After half-time, Dorival Júnior’s team worked the ball better, but failed to create many scoring chances. In the 30th minute of the second half, Luciano came face to face with the Minas Gerais team’s goalkeeper, but was not efficient in scoring for the visitors. Soon after, in the 31st minute, Hulk, with a left-handed shot, opened the scoring for the home team. In the 35th minute, William Gomes sent the ball over the crossbar and narrowly missed tying the game for Tricolor. In the 42nd minute, the referee, after analyzing the VAR, awarded a penalty to Atleticano Mariano on Juan. Luciano took a good shot and equalized for São Paulo. In the 48th minute, Paulinho received an assist from Hulk, at the edge of the area, and scored Galo’s second goal.

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São Paulo’s next match will be against Flamengo on Wednesday (6), at 9:30 pm, at Morumbi, in the last round of the Brazilian Championship.


Local: Mineirão, in Belo Horizonte (MG)
Data: 12/02/2023 (Saturday)
Time: 9 p.m

ATL-MG: Everson; Mariano, Igor Rabello, Réver and Guilherme Arana; Edenílson (Alan Franco 33/2) and Otávio; Zaracho (Rubens 37/2) and Igor Gomes (Pavón 0/2); Hulk and Paulinho (Patrick 50/2). Technician: Felipão

Goals: Hulk (31/2) and Paulinho (48/2).
Yellow cards: Guilherme Arana (19/2), Hulk (32/2), Matheus Mendes (39/2) and Paulinho (49/2).

SPFC: Rafael; Rafinha (Nathan 15/2), Arboleda, Beraldo and Caio; Pablo Maia and Alisson (Juan 15/2); Luciano, Lucas (Michel Araújo 53/1) and Wellington Rato (William Gomes 27/2); Erison (Talles Wander 26/2). Technician: Dorival Junior.

Gol: Luciano (45/2).
Yellow card: Michel Araújo (0/2).

Referee: Savio Pereira Sampaio (DF)
Assistants: Bruno Raphael Pires (GO) and Luanderson Lima dos Santos (BA)
Fourth Referee: Rafael Martins Diniz (DF)
Assessor: Vidal Cordeiro Lopes (BA)
Fifth Referee: Celso Luiz da Silva (MG)
Video Referee: Rodrigo D Alonso Ferreira (SC)
AVAR: Cleriston Clay Barreto Rios (SE)
Video Referee Assistant 2: Elmo Alves Resende Cunha (GO)
VAR Observer: Pericles Bassols Pegado Cortez (RJ)

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