Cuban animal activists meet with officials from the Ministry of Agriculture

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2023-12-01 15:21:34

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A group of Cuban animal activists carried out an exchange with officials from the Ministry of Agriculture (MINAG) with the objective of “improving legal standards on animal welfare.”

The information was given on the Facebook profile of the Cuban state institution, in whose publication they assured that the exchange was “favorable” between the “officials who contribute to animal welfare in our country and representatives of the animal community. All animal lovers!!!”

Members of the ARBA Animal Rescue and Welfare Association and Cuba BAC Animal Welfare participated in the meetings. In the case of the first, it is described as a non-profit organization; while BAC is a volunteer network made up of non-profit workers and students in Havana.

The MINAG added that among the topics they discussed with Cuban animal activists was “the work that the Cuban State has been carrying out for animal welfare and at the same time what we still have to do.”

Along with the images of the meeting, several Internet users commented on the need to raise awareness about animal welfare and the respective protection law that was so requested by the island’s animal community.

User María Antonia Hernández, for example, indicated that “animal protection laws need to be put into force now, so that acts of animal abuse are eliminated and strong measures are taken against offenders.”

Gaby Llodrá added to this, stating that “it is what is needed, to create more awareness about animal welfare and reduce animal abuse by imposing more severe measures for those who commit it.”

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Ana Irene Molina also insisted that “it is necessary to raise awareness among managers. And let them continue to be carried out. Excellent”.

After a long wait and many requests, the Cuban government approved Decree-Law 31/2021 on Animal Welfare and its respective application regulations in April 2021.

The text establishes among its provisions, limiting the time and intensity of animals used for work, such as horses and oxen, as well as the guarantee of covering the basic needs of all by the people or companies that own animals. .

On the other hand, although it prohibits people from inducing confrontation between animals of any species, it leaves the door open to exceptions approved by the competent animal health authority, in accordance with the provisions of the Regulations of the Decree-Law.

This, among other issues, has been criticized by the animal rights community, who has continued to make requests for improvements to the regulations.

This year, BAC launched a signature campaign for the modification of the Decree-Law through a letter addressed to the MINAG. The open letter quickly reached three thousand signatures and in it, the group of animal rights explains that the current decree is not enough to eliminate animal abuse on the island.

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