Barbastro surprises and knocks down Almería and Rayo passes in extremis against Yeclano

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2023-12-06 16:29:43

The morning session on Wednesday Cupero brought the first surprises of the second round from Copa del Rey, after Tuesday we had it since the two Primeras who played, the Valencia and Getafethey beat Arosa (0-1) and Atzeneta (1-2), while Espanyol beat Valladolid (2-1) and Castellón left out a higher category rival like Oviedo (2-1) .

But the morning session of this very constitutional Wednesday brought the elimination of a ‘First’, the Almeriawhich fell to Barbastro, a team that currently plays in group 2 of the Second Federation, four points away from relegation.

From surprise to surprise

The Aragonese already caused the surprise in the first round by eliminating Ponferradina (1-0), a team that plays one category above. On this occasion a goal from Franky in the 28th minute was enough to defeat an Almería team unable to turn the game around with almost an hour left.

Garitano’s men continue with their horribilis seasonbeing the red lantern of First in the League and now falling in this second round of the Cup. Almería falls again against a fourth category team, like last year (Arenteiro).

El Rayo suffered to pass

Another ‘First’ that has suffered greatly to pass has been andl Rayo Vallecano, who beat Yeclano with two goals from Falcao and Raúl de Tomás in the final stretch of the game, minutes 88 and 94. A complicated match in which the Vallecanos had to put all their offensive power on the pitch to defeat a Yeclano who was carried away by his fans caressing the pass above all a ‘First’.

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In the second goal there was some suspense because Raúl de Tomás’ left foot shot went into the top corner and the optical effect deceived the lineman, because it seemed to hit the side of the net. The referee did not signal the goal at first, but the protests of the Rayo players and seeing how the Yeclano goalkeeper took the ball inside the goal made the second visitor’s goal go up on the scoreboard just as the match ended.

Huesca wins in Antequera

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In addition, Huesca qualified after beating Antequera 0-2 in Andalusia with goals from Enzo Lombardo and Kortajarena. He Antequera scored a goal, through Luismi Redondo.

The local ‘9’ was not offside, but his teammate Destinywho touched the ball before it reached him, was.

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