Belhadj eliminated in the 3,000m steeplechase series, Jordier in the 400m final

3,000m steeplechase specialist Mehdi Belhadj, 13th at the Worlds a month ago but injured in the right knee, was eliminated in the series at the European Athletics Championships on Tuesday in Munich, where Thomas Jordier qualified for the 400m final. Belhadj, who suffers from tendinitis in his knee, only ran the seven and a half laps of the track in 8 min 42 sec 38, the 22nd time in the series.

On the contrary, the two other Frenchmen involved in the distance, Louis Gilavert and Djilali Bedrani, qualified for the final. The first by ranking fourth in his series in 8 min 32 sec 26, the second on time, in 8 min 35 sec 57.

«I expected to have bad feelings: in the space of 17 days I had to run barely two, three times, ten days of cycling that does not replace running. It went up to 1300-1500 m, and afterwards, I felt as the laps progressed that it was drawing“, explained Belhadj, who hesitated to participate in the continental meeting.

«I would have been disappointed if I had come in good shape, but I’m not disappointed with my race because today I don’t have the weapons to fight with the guys.“, he summarized.

Over 400 m, Jordier set the second fastest time in the semi-finals, in 45 sec 37, once again improving his personal best which he had taken to 45 sec 39 in the heats the day before, against 45 sec 49 when he arrived at Munich. Only the Briton Matthew Hudson-Smith ran faster, in 44 sec 98.

«Now that I have made it to the final, the objective is to grab every place to get the medal. A medal would do me the greatest good, aims Jordier. I will be very disappointed if I finish fourth.Earlier in the morning, Yanis David (6.57m, 9th) qualified for the long jump final.


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