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2023-12-11 00:22:01

Last Friday, the Hildebrandt en sus Trece seminar revealed that Patricia Benavides’ former advisor, Jaime Villanueva, told the Prosecutor’s Office that the suspended National Prosecutor used the alias ‘Vane’ and the messaging application “Signal” to order coordination that he was going to carry out with different congressmen to make a series of decisions, such as, for example, the disqualification of the former supreme prosecutor, Zoraida Ávalos.

In his statement, within the framework of the effective collaboration process that he carries out, he stated that his former boss had an account in “Signal” with the following number: 515103249813.

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Through this means he communicated with his circle of trust and gave consent to the alleged illegal activities in collusion with Congress.

Villanueva, who was released after being preliminarily detained, added that Benavides, in this way, prevented her from being recognized and exposed.

In this regard, Benavides’ lawyer, Juan Peña, stressed that Villanueva must corroborate whether his client had given him any order and whether he also had some type of interest in the alleged negotiations with Parliament.

In his opinion, the former advisor to the Public Ministry was “coerced” in the days he was under preliminary detention.

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“I personally believe that (Jaime Villanueva) has been coerced with a preliminary detention that, on a legal basis, has many defects and that after nine days his appeal ends up being withdrawn,” he told RPP.

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“Patricia Benavides chose a bad advisor”

At another time, Peña recognized that Benavides’ former advisor was someone who had “parliamentary relations and acquaintances in many institutions” who could support the work of the Public Ministry.

However, he considered that the former Attorney General was wrong to name him her main advisor and that because of that fact “he has had to lose the position, which has cost him his entire working life.”

“You have chosen a bad advisor, anyway, look at the position you are in today,” the lawyer questioned.

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