Daniel Craig explains the tragic end of his James Bond

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2023-12-10 21:00:14

The latest James Bond film, “No Time to Die”, is broadcast on France 2 this Sunday evening. In an interview, Daniel Craig returned to the tragic end of his character.

This is an episode of James Bond very special which is broadcast this Sunday evening. France 2 offers its viewers the opportunity to discover Dying can wait25th film in the franchise, and above all the last in which Daniel Craig plays the spy with a license to kill.

In this film, James Bond has retired to Jamaica, but is forced to return to service to find a scientist who has been kidnapped. On his way, he will come face to face with several ghosts from his past, for better and for worse.

As said above, Dying can wait marks the last incarnation of Daniel Craig as 007. For the occasion, the actor bids farewell to the character in an explosive finale, which sees several protagonists from his previous films return, but also a finale as tragic as it is moving. Warning, the following contains spoilers about the end of Dying can wait.

At the end of the feature film, Daniel Craig’s James Bond decides to sacrifice himself to allow Madeleine and the others to be saved. His character then dies in a very moving way, very ironic in relation to the title, and very surprising for fans of the franchise.

In BBC Radio 4’s Best of Today podcast, reported by Variety, the actor returned to the decision to kill off his character. And this is from several years ago: “I said to Barbara a long time ago, in 2006, ‘If I make all these movies and we’re successful, can we kill him?’ And she said, ‘Yes, we can.’ And I was thinking about myself and my career and trying to think about how this would all work. I was also thinking about what they could do with Casino Royale. They had a chance to reinvent themselves with this because they went back to the beginning. Now they can reset everything again. It seems like a great decision.”

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But of course, if Daniel Craig’s James Bond has died, that does not mean that James Bond will never return. “He’s not really dead,” assured the British actor. “I left, but at the very end of Dying can waitit’s made clear that Bond will come back, so he’s going to come back at some point.”

For the moment, we do not know which actor will play the next James Bond. Several names are circulating in the latest rumors, such as those of Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Tom Hardy and Regé-Jean Page.

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