Benefit fraud hit record high in 2022

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2023-06-06 08:13:37

Social fraud reached a “record amount” in 2022. Last year, 351.4 million euros in fraudulent payments were identified by the National Family Allowance Fund (Cnaf), up 13.5% compared to 2021.

The Fund puts this result on the account of “better targeted controls”. It has 700 controllers and 30 new controllers from the National Service for the Fight against Fraud at Stakes (SNLFE), recruited since 2021 to check this system “largely based on the declarations of beneficiaries”, she adds.

Thus, 32.4 million checks were carried out in 2022, having led to the detection of “48,692 cases of individual fraud”, specifies the Cnaf which paid, in total, nearly 99 billion euros in aid to 13 .6 million recipients last year.

RSA, activity bonus and housing aid

The average damage amounts to 7,217 euros, according to the Cnaf, which confirms that these are indeed fraudsters acting knowingly, and not errors made by the beneficiaries. In detail, the active solidarity income (RSA) concentrates 60% of fraud. Next come the activity bonus (13%), housing aid (12%) and the disabled adult allowance (3%).

The new SNLFE teams track fraud in organized gangs and operate at the national level, while the Cafs carry out checks at the departmental level. SNLFE investigators notably carried out 7,800 checks in 2022 to verify that RSA recipients met the residence conditions (living nine months a year on French territory). On these checks, 69.4 million undue (amounts received by recipients when they should not be, editor’s note) were detected, of which 58% were fraudulent.

1.36 billion euros overpaid

The checks also made it possible to correct rights for an amount of 1.36 billion euros: 985 million euros overpaid by the Cafs and which they recover, without the fraudulent nature being established. Conversely, the Caf returned 378 million euros to benefit recipients.

As part of the national plan to combat social fraud announced by the government at the end of May, Caf will strengthen its methods of action in the coming months. The objective announced at the end of May is to “double the number of turnarounds” by 2027.

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