Bichu Thirumala Immortal Talent-PV Gangadharan

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BI have witnessed the lyricism of the talented songwriter Chu Thirumala many times. He has written songs for many hit films of Grihalakshmi Productions. The market, the news, laughter and non-violence are all rich with bitch songs. The songs also played a big role in the huge success of these films.

The song ‘Paavada Venam Melada Venam …’ in the market has been sung for generations, even today, when the song is disappearing from the cinema. Chiriyo Chiriyile ‘A song that embraces the seven voices ..’ is a milestone song in Yesudas’ singing career. Even today, singing that song well is a big challenge for any singer. The song ‘Yesterdays went this way …’ in the news hurts us at the very hearing. The song ‘Kannum Kannum …’ is still sung by the younger generation in the market itself.

The bitch’s words and lyrics are born as if measured by appearance. That was the lyricist Bichu Thirumala. Lyricists and composers are the ones who live in this world as long as there are songs, music and minds that enjoy it. That luck is theirs alone. Bichu Thirumala is the one who got that luck. Bichu Thirumala has no death – that genius will keep singing.


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