BILD boss Julian Reichelt: It’s good that Merz wants to be CDU boss again – domestic politics

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Friday evening. A new edition of the program “Viertel nach Acht – the talk that makes the headlines”. New topics, new exciters, new arguments!

The guests this Friday:

  • Member of the FDP federal executive committee and entrepreneur Lencke Wischhusen
  • Entrepreneur and bestselling author Verena Pausder
  • Head of the BILD parliamentary office Ralf Schuler
  • BILD presenter and bestselling author Nena Schink
  • BILD boss Julian Reichelt

► What is special about the “Viertel nach Acht” format: The guests determine the topics themselves – everyone brings a “excitement” with them, which is then discussed by everyone.

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Merz as CDU chief?

The first exciting topic of the evening came from BILD boss Julian Reichelt. BILD learned on Friday: In a member survey or an election by the CDU base, Friedrich Merz (65, CDU) will run again for the CDU chairmanship.

BILD boss Julian Reichelt thinks that is good: “Because it is exactly the lesson that is needed right now.” And further: “The choice went so devastatingly wrong for the CDU because too many decisions were made in too small bodies, which have absolutely nothing to do with the reality in the country. ”

“Let the grassroots decide. She understands some things better than the elites and committees, ”said Reichelt.

Friedrich Merz has at least started a debate about how the top candidate should be thrown out in the future, says Ralf Schuler, head of the BILD parliamentary office. Because: “In Germany there is a lot of dust on the process,” says Schuler.

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Reichelt agrees: This is a good hedge against the debacle that the CDU experienced.

Entrepreneur Verena Pausder sees it differently: “People knew that if I choose Laschet, I would also get Merz and they still only gave 24 percent to the CDU. So, for me this is the wrong time for this debate. “

Her conclusion: “For me, what is being organized is a transitional theater”.

BILD presenter Nena Schink says that is the reason why Merz is the right person: “Merz has shown that he is a team player. He has put his ego aside and has also put himself behind Laschet. “Merz would be good to move the Union back to” more conservative, “said Schink.

Lencke Wischhusen, member of the FDP federal executive committee and entrepreneur, finds the idea of ​​a primary election “exciting and correct”. “I just think we have to stop discussing personal details and concentrate on the content.”

Armin Laschet’s future team

The next exciting topic is Armin Laschet’s future team. “Armin Laschet’s future team plays no role in the negotiations. There is nobody outside of Silvia Breher, ”says BILD presenter Nena Schink.

Schink asks: “How can that be? Was the future team just fake? ”She thinks the idea of ​​creating a team around her is“ really great ”. “But it wasn’t meant seriously at all. Was it then almost – to put it bluntly – voter rubbish? ”

Entrepreneur Lencke Wischhusen contradicts: “But these are not the people who later have to conduct the really tough political explorations” You can see that there “you really need a completely different wealth of experience in this dry political world.”

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BILD boss Julian Reichelt: “He was almost forced to set it up so that there was still something that distracted from him.”

“The problem was actually that the Union did not have the right concept for the election campaign,” summarizes the head of the BILD parliamentary office, Ralf Schuler.

Voting age from 16

The third exciting topic of the evening: Voting from 16. “With two million eligible voters, the 18 to 20-year-old first-time voters form the smallest group. Those under 30 make up 14 percent of those eligible to vote, while those over 60 make up 38 percent, ”says bestselling author Verena Pausder.

She therefore demands: “Set the voting age to 16!”

Expropriation of real estate companies

Then it comes to the Berlin referendum on election Sunday for the expropriation of residential real estate groups. 56.4 percent of the voters had voted for the initiative.

Head of the BILD parliamentary office Ralf Schuler says: “Property is the DNA of the market economy” and criticizes the demanded expropriation of real estate companies.

Schuler’s great-grandfather had lost his land in the land reform as a smallholder, and his grandparents’ bakery was expropriated in 1982. The head of the parliament office says: “Now the specter of expropriation is returning to Berlin, this time by referendum. Where’s the outcry !? “

The image of entrepreneurs

Member of the FDP federal executive committee and entrepreneur Lencke Wischhusen is annoyed that entrepreneurs have a bad image in public. They would be seen as greedy for profit – success is not allowed.

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For Wischhusen, however, one thing is clear: “Germany should be proud of its corporate culture and entrepreneurial spirit.”

And further: “The middle class is the guarantor for social peace and for our prosperity. But why are companies presented so badly? “

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