Boldrini’s announcement: “Now I have to operate”

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A surgical intervention scheduled for a health problem not well specified or clarified by the same direct interested party, who maintains the utmost confidentiality on the matter: as announced on his personal social pages, the former president of the Chamber of Deputies Laura Boldrini prepares to face the operation and subsequent treatment and rehabilitation.

“After days of medical examinations, the news that I feared most has arrived, that every person most fears”, begins in a widespread note on both Facebook than on Twitter the exponent of the Democratic Party. “Unfortunately, the disease is part of life but you are never ready to face it. Tomorrow I will be hospitalized to undergo a surgery and then a path of treatment and rehabilitation awaits me “, explains the parliamentarian, who will turn 60 on April 28th.

There is some fear, useless to deny it, as Laura Boldrini also explains to her followers.“Am I scared? Yes, I’m a little scared. I think anyone in my place would have it. At the same time, however, I have great confidence in who will operate on me and I also have the determination to fight to get back to normal in my life soon”. Obviously, as we read in the post of the former member of Liberi e Uguali (Leu), all this will lead to a departure, albeit temporary, from national political events. “I will therefore be unable, in the coming weeks, to follow the political activities and parliamentarians with the consistency of always, and I am very sorry about this, but so it is “, continues Laura Boldrini. And it was precisely this awareness that prompted her to spread the news before rumors of any other kind could spread: “For this reason, I wanted to make known the news of my illness myself”.

“Thanks to my family, to all friends and friends, to colleagues and to the medical staff”, then writes in conclusion the former president of the Chamber of Deputies in his communiqué, “I’m sure they will help me in this battle with the right care, affection and closeness”.

No news, however, regarding the health problems mentioned by the deputy of the Democratic Party, who in 2016 had to undergo tracheal surgery in the Endocrinology department of the Cisanello Hospital (Pisa).

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