Brazilians living in tents protest against housing prices in Portugal

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2023-09-30 18:23:00

Portugal is one of the poorest countries in Europe REUTERS/Pedro Nunes/File photo Márcia Leandro moved from Brazil to Portugal six months ago with one goal: to graduate as a chef. But the housing crisis there hindered her dreams and forced her to live in a tent. Márcia, who is 43 years old, and Andreia Costa, her neighbor in an improvised camp on a vacant lot on the outskirts of Lisbon, marched alongside thousands of Portuguese people this Saturday (30) in a protest against rising rents and house prices fueled by growing gentrification and record tourism. See also Economy Residential rent exceeds inflation and accumulates an increase of 16.3% in 12 months Economy Average price of residential rent rises 1.37% in July, says Fipe/Zap Futebol Di María shines, Benfica beats Porto and takes the lead in the Championship Portuguese Portugal is one of the poorest countries in Western Europe, with an average monthly salary of around 1,200 euros (or R$6,340). · Share this news on WhatsApp · Share this news on Telegram A 65% increase in property rents in Lisbon since the start of the tourism boom in 2015 has made apartments unaffordable for many people. Sales prices soared 137% in this period, according to housing data experts Confidencial Imobiliário. Immigrants and other precarious workers are particularly vulnerable. Brazilians, who represent 40% of Portugal’s immigrant community, earn on average 20% less than the Portuguese, according to the Migration Observatory. Many earn less than the official monthly minimum wage of 760 euros. Read also Single, Mel Maia poses in a bikini and crop top, with a hint towards her ex, while enjoying the beach in Portugal
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