Bungie explains what caused Destiny 2’s 20-hour hiatus – Destiny 2: The Witch Queen

Bungie explains what caused Destiny 2’s 20-hour hiatus – Destiny 2: The Witch Queen

Earlier this week, Destiny 2 was shaken to its core. After the patch, the game crashed on its own, with players reporting losing progress and data, while server issues were causing huge lag and connection issues. It didn’t take long before Bungie took the game offline and began rooting out the problem and fixing it before allowing players to re-enter the game. However, it took a long 20 hours.

As for what caused the issue, in a new this week’s blog post from Bungie (which also talks about Deepsight’s changes for the rest of the season and the next Lost Skins festival), Bungie explains what actually happened.

“We found that this issue was caused when some currently unfinished EDZs and Nessus Triumphs were moved from Forsaken to the Triumphs portion of the archive,” Destiny devs say.

“To make this change, we used a tool that moves player states from one location to another in a player account. The tool is very powerful, but needs to be handled with care. Due to a misconfiguration, we accidentally The old state migration process used for the Beyond Light version was re-run. As a result, we ended up re-copying the old pre-Beyond Light data into the current configuration, essentially canceling certain aspects of player progression from then on.

Luckily, Bungie can roll back all player data to where it was before the patch was first released, which means that aside from the outage period and worrying hours ahead, Guardians has been able to keep working as if nothing had happened in the first place Nothing happened.

Admittedly, this situation has led many in the community to demand a major technical update for Destiny 2, something Bungie will no doubt have in mind once the saga of light and dark comes to an end with Destiny 2: Final Shape.


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