CBCID probe into 2 persons who were taken to Gudon where the Virudhunagar girl gang rape incident took place

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Virudhunagar: Hariharan (A) Saravanan, Madasamy, Praveen, Junath Ahmed and 4 school students were arrested in connection with the Virudhunagar teenage gang rape case. The victim, a woman, and her family were initially questioned by the CPCIT police. Hariharan, Madasamy, Praveen and Junath Ahmed, who were later lodged in the Madurai jail, were taken into custody for 7 days and the CBCID police have been conducting investigations for the last 2 days. Yesterday morning, Hariharan and Junad Ahmed were taken by the police led by CBCID DSP Vinodini to the Medical Gudoon where the rape incident took place from 20.8.2021 to 18.3.2022 in Bethany.

The Medical Cotton Floor, which is about 3,000 square feet, has a large hall, two rooms, a large bathroom with bath tub, and a large house with a kitchen. The door to the godown floor is open. There were 4 mattresses, cooking utensils, expired pills and injections in the rooms. The joint sex incident took place in this careless godown house. After a 30-minute interrogation at the house, Hariharan and Junad Ahmed were taken back to the CPCIT office and are being interrogated.

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