Chairs of anti-Semitism: universities become temples of hatred of Israel – Carmelo Jordá

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2023-12-09 08:02:26

The video has spread through social networks like wildfire: in a committee in the United States Congress, the Republican congresswoman Elise Stefanik asks the presidents of three of the most prestigious university centers in the country –Harvardthe University of Pennsylvania and the Massachusetts Institute of Technologyknown as WITH– whether calling for the genocide of Jews is against their respective campus policies.

The question is simple and the answer that the congresswoman demands is also: “Yes or no,” she repeats several times. The answers, unfortunately, are not so: there are circumlocutions and references to “context” but the first, from MIT, more or less answers yes. Pennsylvania, on the other hand, says with a smile that “if speech becomes behavior it could be harassment“, that is, nothing happens as long as the students do not actually start killing Jews, but if they kill them the university could consider it “harassment.” Finally, there is no way to achieve a statement that goes beyond calling for the genocide of Jews will be considered against the norms of their university “depending on the context.”

The president of Harvard.

Finally, the president of Harvard, who seems to be disguised as an American liberal, also takes refuge behind the contextrepeatedly, as if it were a wall and, with a certain air of moral superiority, rejects the opportunity that Congresswoman Stefanik gives her – who, by the way, is outstanding – to give the correct answer: yes, without ifs, buts, or contexts .

There are two clarifications that should be made here. The first: it is true that freedom of expression is understood in a much broader way in the United States than in Europe and that, in principle, any barbarity can be said as long as it does not lead to a specific result, to some facts, but We are talking about threats uttered in the faces of Jewish studentsthat they have to live with that on campus, and not with speeches in a corner of the park or papers in scientific journals.

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And second: one thing is constitutional rights, what is legal and what is not, and another is the codes of conduct within a campus, even more so when it comes to institutions in which to say that women do not have penises or that no one can impose the use of certain pronouns, to give two examples, it could cost you your job.

The video reflects the impunity with which a supposedly intellectual class and certainly an educational elite – we are talking about the best of the best of American universities – is allowing, supporting and promoting the most undemocratic behaviors and toxic, as long as they are for the greater glory of the worst of the left. No representative of a company would have dared to evade the congresswoman’s question like this and, if they had, they would have no choice but to resign that same afternoon. Yes, it is true that many are calling for the resignation of the three university presidents, but for now there they are still in their positions when I write these lines.

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And it also shows how what were temples of knowledge have now become temples of hatred of Israel and to the Jews, a reflection of that extreme left that throughout the world has been blatantly anti-Semitic. So much so that they do not forgive the Israelis for having demonstrated firsthand the inhuman, murderous and ruthless nature of the Hamas terrorists, who on October 7 left their moral misery exposed… and that of all those who for decades have supported the cruel dictatorship that subjugates Gaza.

A degradation that has infected the best universities in the United States, but unfortunately does not stop there. Without going any further: have there been university initiatives against hate in Spain? Have you heard any voice from the academic field that has defended the right of Israel to put an end to the savage murderers of Hamas? Have you seen any university take a position in this conflict that began, remember, with one of the biggest attacks in history?

I do: at Autonomous University of Barcelona that issued a disgusting statement in which the “crimes of the State of Israel” are discussed, the October 7 attack is discussed as if it had been a bank robbery – “we believe that the perpetrators of these attacks should be pursued and tried by a competent court.” “– and, of course, they mention the “decades of occupation”, the “thousands of civilians murdered” and the “terrible blockade on the Gaza Strip” that “has led – in the singular, they are university professors but they do not know how to maintain a agreement – ​​to put Palestine and its population into an unsustainable and desperate situation. In short, those from Hamas are attacking and that is not very good, but They are desperate, poor things..

It is the same phenomenon of the three great American universities: extreme left elites who take as their own what belongs to everyone and They take the opportunity to spread their anti-Semitic hatred.

This is, on both sides of the Atlantic, what our young people are being taught, so when the nights of broken glass come At least let’s not act surprised.


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