Chamber of Commerce Assembly at the Embassy: point on the Italian system in China

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The General Assembly of the members of the Italian Chamber of Commerce in China (CCIC) was held at the Embassy of Italy in Beijing. The Ambassador Luca Ferrari opened the works and underlined the important activity carried out by the CCIC for the promotion of the Italian economic system in China thanks to the constantly growing membership base (about 600 associated companies), the large presence of representative offices in the area and the close coordination with the Embassy and other Italian institutions.

The President of the CCIC Paolo Bazzoni presented the strategic lines of development whose main objective is to aggregate the Italian entrepreneurial fabric in order to have a common and more influential voice in a country of continental dimensions such as China. The President also recalled as an example of the successful collaboration with the Embassy the organization the sip of a series of special flights to allow – in the context of the continuing absence of air connections due to the pandemic – the return of entrepreneurs and their relatives in China.

During the works, it was highlighted that the action of Italy system in China is of primary importance for the recovery and stability of the Italian production system and has made it possible to finalize important commercial collaboration agreements aimed at facilitating the access of Italian companies to the Chinese market and launching cooperations in third markets, based on the most rigorous standards of sustainability financial, environmental and social: The value of Italian exports to China in 2020 reached 12.89 billion euros. In February 2021 l’export italiano in the country it increased by 54.2% compared to the same month of 2020, continuing the strongly positive trend that began in the second half of last year.

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