Cherchesov refused compensation of 5 million euros upon dismissal

Stanislav Cherchesov, who left the post of head coach of the Russian national football team, refused a large amount of compensation in connection with the early termination of the contract. This is reported by

We are talking about 5 million euros. It is this amount that appears in the contract of the head coach of the national team as compensation for the early termination of the contract. However, Cherchesov refused to take five million euros.

The contract between the Russian Football Union and Stanislav Cherchesov was terminated today, July 9. The head coach’s resignation became known on July 8. The reason for the personnel decision was the failure of the Russian national team at the European Championship 2020. The players showed a low level.

At Euro 2020, the Russian national team took the last, fourth place in the group with Belgium, Denmark and Finland, having won only one victory and gaining only three points.

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