“China has never allowed itself to talk to us like it does to Biden,” says Trump

Time.news – Had the Trump administration still been at the US-China summit in Anchorage, Alaska, its representatives “would have risen from the table” after the “insults hurled at the Americans and America”. The former president said this, speaking to Fox News. Trump spoke of “absolute embarrassment”. A week ago the National Security Advisor, Jacob Sullivan, and the Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, had held a meeting with the head of Chinese diplomacy Yang Jiechi who, recalled the host, Laura Ingraham, had highlighted the “many revolts that have crossed the United States, especially by Black Lives Matter ”. “Such a thing has never happened to us – commented Trump – that was an absolute embarrassment for our country. I could not believe it”. “We would have gone away – he continued – no one ever allowed to talk to my group like that, no one has ever talked to me like that, I guarantee you. If they did, we would have doubled the rates. Actually, frankly, it was something we should have done. I took billions and billions of dollars from China, we were getting the economy back up again, it was doing really well. IS China respected us. They never talked like they did ”with Joe Biden’s team.

Trump then spoke of immigration: “We had done an incredible job, building 800 kilometers of wall, putting more than 28,000 soldiers on the border so that no one can pass. What Biden is doing is inhumane. Now you see children in terrible conditions at the border. With us – he added – few people came to the border because they knew we would send them back. And we did not allow them to wait at the border. What the Biden administration is doing is shameful. Instead, they should finish building the wall. “.

Trump then accused journalists of asking too soft questions to Biden during his first press conference since he headed the White House: “They asked him soft questions – he commented – it didn’t have to be like that”.

The former president then returned to the presidential elections, saying that “the Supreme Court should be ashamed of itself”, for not having accepted the appeals to overturn the result of the elections. “The numbers – added the former president – were clearly a our favor and the judges did not have the courage to do what had to be done ”.



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