China rejoiced early

On the eve of the Beijing Olympics, scheduled to take place February 4-20, its organizers are faced with a new threat. The second front against the Olympics, which the United States and its allies declared a diplomatic boycott, opened the omicron strain of COVID-19. In China, it is believed that it was imported in a parcel from Canada, which was delivered to China through the United States and Hong Kong. The discovery of the first case of omicron infection forces the authorities to take emergency measures to keep the situation under control. Additional intrigue is introduced by the fact that Vladimir Putin, who is going on a visit to Beijing, should be present at the opening of the Olympics. According to the presidential press secretary Dmitry Peskov, Moscow is still waiting for full-scale negotiations, but “the trip is being prepared in very, very difficult conditions.”

The wake-up call for the organizers of the Winter Olympics in China rang last Saturday when the first case of omicron infection was identified in Beijing. As it turned out, the sick resident of the Haidian district, located in the northwest of the Chinese capital, has not left the city for the past two weeks, but has actively moved around Beijing and has been in contact with many people.

In search of an answer to the question of how Omicron was brought into Beijing, experts came to the conclusion that the virus entered the country in a package from Canada, which, according to the infected, she received on January 11. The Beijing Centers for Disease Control and Prevention confirmed on Monday that samples taken from the outer packaging, the inside of the package, and the accompanying documentation came back positive. In the Canadian parcel that came to China through the United States and Hong Kong, there was an “omicron”.