Cleans rejects accusations from Camacho’s lawyer and defends management of the Penitentiary Regime

Cleans rejects accusations from Camacho’s lawyer and defends management of the Penitentiary Regime

2023-09-30 03:55:20
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September 29, 2023, 3:04 PM

September 29, 2023, 3:04 PM

The director of the Penitentiary Regime, Juan Carlos Cleans, rejected this Friday the accusations of Luis Fernando Camacho’s lawyerMartín Camacho, who assured that the prison administration has not complied with the deadlines established by the judge to deliver the results of the complementary medical examinations carried out to the governor of Santa Cruz

Cleans assured that the results were delivered on Wednesday, as established by the deadline established by the judge. “The judge is asking this authority on Friday (last) and gives a period of three business days. On Wednesday (27th) these three business days were completed, It was being delivered first thing on Wednesday and we have the releases. of all the complementary exams,” Liminas said.

The director of the Penitentiary Regime also denied that the complementary examinations had been ordered by a judge. “Be careful, the complementary exams, It has not been a court order that has made it possible for Camacho to leave to undergo complementary examinations. “It has been a determination of the prison administration,” he stated.

“It’s a shame that they are not going to see the file and realize that we have already complied with what the judge has established,” he added.

Cleans said that he is waiting for the specialists who participated in the Medical Board determine if Camacho should be transferred to a hospital. “We are precisely waiting for all the specialists who have come to the Medical Board, those who have requested the complementary examinations, to be able to give us light regarding the treatments,” he said.

Camacho’s lawyer, Martín Camacho, denounced on Thursday that the governor is being victim of violations of their human rights, among them, restriction of visits and lack of adequate medical care. In addition, he announced a process against Cleans.

Cleans affirmed that the accusations of Camacho’s lawyer are “fallacies“and that the Penitentiary Administration is acting in a transparent manner.

“I prefer that it be the specialists with all these elements they have, who are the ones who are going to determine the state of the governor’s health,” he said.

“What we have done as the Penitentiary Administration is to ensure the greater good, which is their state of health,” he added.

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