state of emergency declared in New York after heavy rains

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2023-09-29 19:22:37

Very heavy rains that fell during the night of Thursday September 28 to Friday September 29 in the northeast of the United States flooded roads in New York and partly paralyzed its subways and airports, with authorities calling on the population to take extreme measures. caution.

Extreme precipitation

New York State Governor Kathy Hochul said ” emergency state “ for New York, Long Island to the east of the megalopolis, and in the Hudson Valley, due to “extreme precipitation we are seeing”she announced on X (formerly Twitter).

“If you are at home, stay home, if you are at work, or at school, stay safe for now. Part of the metro is flooded and it is extremely difficult to move around the city”warned the city’s Democratic mayor, Eric Adams, late in the morning.

Images reported by AFP journalists, local media, and on social networks showed vehicles traveling with difficulty on flooded roads, or even completely blocked with water rising up to the level of car windows.

Metro lines closed

Several stations of the megacity’s gigantic subway network have been partially flooded and several central lines are closed in Brooklyn: “We continue to evacuate water on the tracks caused by flooding at several stations in Brooklyn and Manhattan”indicated on X the official account of the New York subway.

La Guardia Airport announced for its part that all access to Terminal A was “currently closed”.

The New York Democratic congresswoman, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, announced in an email to her constituents that 5 to 12 cm of rain had fallen in the boroughs of Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn, with 2, 5 to 7 cm still expected depending on the areas.

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Hurricane Ida in

According to the US Weather Service, the severe weather is caused by a depression along the mid-Atlantic coast, which draws moist air from the ocean, “producing areas of heavy rain over northern and eastern regions”.

These floods are taken seriously by the authorities in New York, where Hurricane Ida caused the death of 13 people in September 2021 (and several dozen others in the region).

Most had been trapped in the basements of houses converted into apartments in a megacity struggling with a severe housing crisis.

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