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2023-05-28 17:54:48

Today the ballot for the presidential elections. The outgoing head of state beat Kemal Kilidaroglu, candidate of the opposition coalition

The Sultan remains president until 2028. Erdogan kept the lead throughout the entire electoral count, even if during the afternoon, from 4 pm Italian time until now, conflicting data chased each other.

Al ballot for presidential elections in Türkiye the candidate of the major opposition parties challenged each other, Kemal Kilicdarogluand, indeed, the outgoing president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

The gap between the two gradually narrowed. In the end, confirmation of the presidency arrived with 52.1% of the votes. The Turkish leader thus secures power for another 5 years.

Our people have trusted us once again. Only Turkey won todayErdogan said speaking to a crowd in Kisikli on the Anatolian side of Istanbul.

The turnout in the ballot exceeded 85%according to data released by state television Trtdown from the first round of the presidential elections, when it was close to 90%.

The spokesman of Turkey’s main opposition party, the Republican People’s Party (CHP), Faik Oztrakspoke of a close race, warning Erdogan’s party: Don’t try to muddy the waters with talk from the balcony, he said referring to Erdogan’s habit of speaking to his supporters. And then he threatened tight control of the counting operations due to fraud attempts by the ruling party Akp.

We have not received any news of negative situations that influenced the voting process, the chairman of the Supreme Electoral Council of Turkey, Ahmet Yener, told the press shortly after the counting began. All objections were addressed by the relevant authorities. We thank everyone who helped us organize a successful election.

I invite all my brothers to stay and protect the seats until the results are final, Erdogan wrote on his social networks shortly after the polls closed. Now is the time to protect the will of our nation until the last moment.

I appeal to every single member of my nation: not without you!, wrote in turn Kilidaroglu, nicknamed the Gandhi turco.

Erdogan gives banknotes to children

Erdogan gave away 200 Turkish lira banknotes (just under 10 euros) and toys to some children met at the polling station where they went to vote this morning in Uskudar, on the Anatolian side of Istanbul. Also on the occasion of the first round of the presidential elections, on May 14, Erdogan had given money to children when he went to vote.

The prosecutor’s office in Istanbul issues arrest warrants

Meanwhile, the Istanbul prosecutor’s office has issued arrest warrants for five people after launching an investigation on some posts shared on social media and deemed provocative. They allegedly spread disinformation aimed at disturbing public order. This was announced by various Turkish media by announcing that the accounts at the center of the investigation are the following: Haber Report, Darkweb Haber, Militer Doktrin, Muhbir and Solcu Gazete.

May 28, 2023 (change May 28, 2023 | 7:39 pm)

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