Construction Worker Turned Hamas Terrorist: Shocking Revelation in Petah Tikva Neighborhood

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Terrorist Who Participated in Hamas Massacre in Petah Tikva Neighborhood Known to Residents

Residents of a neighborhood in Petah Tikva were shocked to find out that a terrorist involved in the recent massacre of Hamas terrorists was someone they already knew. The terrorist, identified as Yahya Majed Tzbari Sweidan, was caught by security forces on October 7 and brought in for interrogation.

During the interrogation, the terrorist confessed to being part of the Nohva force of Hamas and described the gruesome details of the massacre. This shocked the residents of the neighborhood, as they had known the terrorist from the past.

After seeing the documentation of the terrorist’s interrogation from the Shin Bet’s investigation room, residents were stunned to realize that the man they knew from their neighborhood was the same person sitting in front of the camera confessing to horrific acts. The terrorist had worked as a construction worker in the neighborhood and had even worked inside their homes.

“I worked in a building in the city before 7/10… There were Gazans who worked in construction all over the country. Israel gave them work permits. What’s new?” replied one neighbor in the WhatsApp group.

The conversation in the neighborhood WhatsApp group revealed that many residents had interacted with the terrorist in the past. One neighbor recalled that he had done work in the Mother of the Colonies, while another mentioned that the terrorist had offered to do a job for her, but something about him made her feel uneasy.

The revelation has left residents feeling unsettled and fearful. “Let’s hope they don’t hire more Arabs for this job. What a fear to know that he worked in your house,” expressed one neighbor.

The shocking realization that the terrorist had been in their midst has left the neighborhood in shock and disbelief. It serves as a stark reminder of the proximity of danger, even in seemingly familiar places.

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