Crisanti tested positive for Covid on a plane? “Here’s how it went”

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2023-12-01 17:35:15

“I have been positive for Covid since Monday evening”, November 27th. “I arrived on a plane from London on Monday, I took the car and went to Padua. Then I took the swab test on Monday evening. And I didn’t move from there.” Microbiology professor and Democratic Party senator Andrea Crisanti reconstructs the ‘stages’ of his positivity to Sars-CoV-2, in connection with the broadcast ‘Un Giorno da Pecora’.

Reason for so many details? The hosts of the program broadcast on Rai Radio 1 explain it: some Venetian newspapers – ‘La Voce di Venezia’ is cited, but also ‘Il Gazzettino’ – wonder if Crisanti took a plane when he tested positive to return to Padua. In the Gazzettino there is also reference to the flight in question, which would be the Ita Airways flight from Rome to Venice last Thursday, 30 November. But Crisanti replies: “I have the medical certificate from 2pm on Thursday, so I could only stay in Padua”.

The microbiologist had written on Today the clarification is to say that, as soon as his positivity was discovered, the dem senator isolated himself at home.

Crisanti also received the ‘consult’ from his colleague, the virologist Fabrizio Pregliasco, called live, who jokingly decreed: “There’s a bit of a cough. If it’s not a high-risk subject, an anti-inflammatory is fine.”

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