Croatia, Italy and Albania, Spain’s rivals in the Euro Cup

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2023-12-02 17:18:42

The dangers for Spain

Let’s remember that Luis de la Fuente’s selection is part of pot 1, therefore he cannot play in Germany, Portugal, England, France, Portugal or Belgium.

Bomb 2: Hungary, Denmark, Albania, Austria, Türkiye and Romania appear. From here it would be advisable to avoid the Hungary led by Liverpool’s Szoboszlai. Maybe it would be good to get rid of Türkiye.

Bomb 3. There are Scotland, Slovenia, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Netherlands and Croatia. The ‘coconuts’ are Frenkie de Jong’s Dutch team and Modric’s Croatia.

Bomb 4. Italy, Serbia, Switzerland, Repechage A: Poland vs. Estonia against the winner of Wales vs. Finland, Repechage B: Israel vs. Iceland against the winner of Bosnia H. vs. Ukraine, Repechage C: Georgia vs. Luxembourg against the winner of Greece vs. Kazakhstan. Italy and Serbia would be the teams to avoid

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