cyber security; Saudi has started a special project

Dammam: A new project aimed at the development of the cyber security sector has been launched in Saudi Arabia. Under the project called Cyber ​​IC, around 10,000 natives will be given special training in the field of cyber security. The project will also develop cyber security products, services and solutions.

The new scheme was formed to ensure cyber security in the country and to develop the cyber security sector. The project is being implemented by the National Cyber ​​Security Authority. The program is designed to develop the capabilities of cyber security specialists in the country, create innovative cyber security products, enhance services in the field and develop solutions.

Through the project, more than 10,000 natives are given special training and it is aimed to raise them to the international level and stimulate the domestic cyber ecosystem. As part of this, virtual mock drills simulating actual cyber attacks and incidents will also be organized to enable them to face cyber attacks and challenges.


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