Deddy cries on Rosa’s bed eliminated by Amici 20: Her absence weighs heavily

Deddy ad Friends 2o he misses his girlfriend Rosa, eliminated in a dramatic ballot against him in the last episode of the talent show. The days pass and his absence begins to weigh, especially in the house where the memories of the moments spent together and of their love just blossomed are still vivid.

Deddy’s outburst in tears for Rosa

In the house, Deddy he isolates himself from his companions. Sangiovanni finds him on the sofa, in silence, with sunglasses worn to hide his tears. “What is it, are you a little sad?”, he asks. When the singer finally manages to open up, he lets out on the veranda with his friend Aka7even. “His absence really weighs on me”, explains. Aka comforts him, reminding him to be happy because not only because he is making a dream come true in the school, but also because he has found love there, which is out waiting for him: “She wouldn’t want to see you sad”. But Deddy can only console himself by throwing himself on the pink bed and crying for his absence. Finding his sweatshirt, still with its scent, is another hard blow for him. “What the fuck did he do to me, look how much I am in love”, he murmurs to himself. Then to Aka he confesses: “I don’t know how I got to this situation. I’m not giving up, but there are times when I’m really down. His sweatshirt has given me a huge blow.”

Rosa Di Grazia: “With Deddy he will also continue outside”

Meantime Rosa is told in an interview with Cooming Soon. Thinking back to that painful run-off against Deddy he says: “I had a strange feeling from the day before, my sixth sense was telling me that I was going out. Surely what I didn’t expect was to end up in the ballot with Deddy, the person most important to me.” Today cheers for him: “It’s like a piece of me has remained in the school. I preferred bumping into Deddy than any other competitor.” And she is convinced that their love will continue in the future, even when the program is over: “Deddy was my strength in school. Today he is an important and fundamental person in my life. I fell in love.”


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