Diesel costs less than a year ago in Asturias, but gasoline is still higher

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2023-08-07 04:15:00

After four weeks on the rise, fuel prices have been in Asturias -in the middle of the holiday period- above those that were in force on the eve of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, but even so, remain below those that prevailed in August of last year in the pumpsalthough, considering the discount that was then applied to the consumer of 20 cents per liter for the bonus that the Government paid between April 1 and December 31, 2022 to mitigate the impact of the energy shortage, only diesel costs today to the user less than twelve months ago.

95 octane gasoline has an average price in Asturias of 1.733 euros per liter, 5.28% more expensive than at the beginning of July and 2.54% above the pre-war price in Ukraine. In relation to a year ago, it is also more expensive for the consumer. Although then the price was 8.25% higher than now, the application of the Government discount meant a final cost for the user 3.6% lower than today. Today filling an average tank of 55 liters involves an outlay of 3.55 euros higher than last August.

The savings between the most expensive and the cheapest gas station in the region exceeds 15 euros per deposit

A different case is the comparison with the prices of June 2022, which was when fuels set a record price never seen before. With gasoline then at 2,191 euros as an average in the Principality, the discount of 20 cents hardly represented a slight relief and the liter was around 2 euros after compensation from the Government. Today a liter of gasoline – no longer discounted – is almost 26 cents below what was paid then. The savings in a complete refueling reaches, on average, 14.19 euros.

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Diesel, which at times last year exceeded the price of gasoline, returned to the usual trend months ago and remains below it, among other reasons due to the lower traditional taxation applied to the fuel most used by carriers and other professionals.

In Asturias, where the prices of gasoline and diesel exceed the national average, diesel marks an average of 1.618 euros per liter, 6.63% cheaper than its alternative, despite the fact that in the last month 8 has become more expensive. 44%, 3.16 points more than gasoline. Compared to the price of a year ago -and once the discount of 20 cents that was in force at the time has been applied-, the liter is barely 2.29% cheaper (the savings per deposit is 2.09 euros) and in relation to at the maximum cost, which was reached on June 30 of last year, the user saves just over 31 cents, which in a complete refueling represents a saving of 17.10 euros.

Compared to the eve of the war, diesel is slightly more than 11 cents above. Between the cheapest and the most expensive service stations in Asturias, the price differences reach 28 cents per liter in the case of gasoline (15.62 euros in a full tank) and 32 cents in the case of diesel (17, 6 euro difference).

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