Discovery of an Ocean Inside the Earth’s Crust and a New Water Source in the Atlantic Ocean

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2023-12-02 23:30:10
Scientists have made an incredible discovery about the Earth’s crust – there is actually an ocean hidden inside it. This astonishing revelation comes after researchers found that a rock known as ringwoodite, located 400 miles beneath the Earth’s surface, has the ability to absorb and store water, much like a sponge.

The crystal structure of ringwoodite allows it to hold a large amount of water, and scientists estimate that if even just one percent of these rocks contained water, they could hold three times the amount of water found in all of Earth’s oceans combined.

Meanwhile, in another fascinating development, scientists have uncovered a large water source in the Atlantic Ocean. This body of water, known as the Atlantic Equatorial Water, stretches from Brazil to the Gulf of Guinea in West Africa and runs parallel to the equator. This unique water source is a result of a special mixing of ocean currents both north and south of the equator.

While scientists have previously discovered similar mixed water sources in the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean, this is the first time such a phenomenon has been found in the Atlantic. The findings have been published in the prestigious journal Geophysical Research Letters.

These groundbreaking discoveries shed new light on the complex and fascinating dynamics that exist within the Earth’s crust and oceans, and will undoubtedly lead to further exploration and study in the field of geology and earth sciences.
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