Dop mozzarella marries Deliveroo

twelve o’clock, March 16, 2021 – 13:30

The agreement for the commercial promotion of the PDO dairy product has been signed

of A. A.

The signature between the CEO of Deliveroo Sarzana and the president of the Raimondo Consortium

The goal is to solicit local agreements with individual companies, which are already in force in some cases, so that the delivery can largely marry with the food tradition of excellence such as buffalo mozzarella DOP, in order to distribute it also through the new and revolutionaries distribution channels. The agreement – signed by the president of the Consortium for the protection of buffalo mozzarella from Campania Dop, Domenico Raimondo, and by the general manager of Deliveroo Italy, Matteo Sarzana – the first to be reached by the Consortium with an online food delivery platform and has for now the initial aim is to develop initiatives for the promotion and protection of the fresh DOP product.

To do this, the Consortium and Deliveroo will dedicate to restaurateurs and consumers communication and information activities for the correct use of the product name, but also on its identification, conservation and use. The challenge launched by the agreement is to seize the opportunities offered by innovation for the protection and enhancement of a product of the gastronomic tradition which, thanks to its characteristics and versatility, is also well suited to new marketing and distribution channels such as ‘online food delivery. The actions envisaged by the protocol include: communication campaigns aimed at making people understand the characteristics that distinguish the PDO buffalo from Campania; vademecum with the normative references that regulate the correct use of the designation of origin in a men; useful tips on how to enhance the product. The synergy could also lead to joint initiatives at trade fairs and events.

“At the heart of the project there is above all transparency towards consumers, whom we aim to reach and inform in a massive way thanks to the capillarity and strength of Deliveroo. Through this pilot initiative, we are sure to be able to intercept audiences not always involved in our promotional initiatives. It will be the meeting between new operators in the agri-food market and a product strongly linked to the territory and traditions. ”, Comments the president Domenico Raimondo.

March 16, 2021 | 13:30

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