“DRC most unfair in all of Europe”. Singles take more than families

“DRC most unfair in all of Europe”. Singles take more than families

The Draghi government is working on several fronts. On the one hand there is the Coronavirus emergency to face, on the other hand there is the serious economic crisis, a consequence of the pandemic, to be bridged. For this reason, the executive is thinking of putting a hand to a reform so dear to the M5s, but considered inequitable by Europe: the Citizenship Income. The first coupon is approaching – reads the Repubblica newspaper – almost two years after its launch. The hybrid between assistance and reactivation did not work, also thanks to the pandemic that closed employment centers and reduced job offers. While poverty has broken the banks, with one million more poor people counted by Istat in 2020. Here, then, is the two-stage strategy of the new Labor Minister Andrea Orlando (Pd): to support those who cannot make it immediately, but then put it on track with continuous training thanks to a functioning active policy system.

The fetish threshold of 780 euros, the maximum amount for a single person without resources, which has become a flag of the Five Star Movement, creator of the DRC, – continues Repubblica – has proved to be an unfair trap. According to experts, the equivalence scale that starts from there and adjusts the sum as the number of the family increases is the most stoned in Europe. The numbers of the DRC are impressive. The beneficiary families jumped by 30% in the year of the pandemic: from 940,000 to 1.2 million. If we add to these those of the Rem – 422 thousand, for an average allowance of 550 euros, in line with that of the Rdc – and clean up the duplicates, we arrive at a total of 1.5 million families equivalent to 4.3 millions of people in need of help in 2020. New DRC applicants are growing by 3-5% per month. 70% of the first generation (those from April 2019 onwards) reached the first deadline of the Rdc in October 2020. And of these, 90% renewed it.


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