Drozdenko agreed to punish the “crooks” who deceived the Leningrad equity holders

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Shareholders found themselves in a difficult position because of an unscrupulous developer. However, the government is not going to turn away from them, the Governor of the Leningrad Region Alexander Drozdenko told Online47.

The head of the region was approached by one of the defrauded equity holders who collaborated with Petrostroy. She clarified that she had purchased an apartment in the Chisty Ruchey residential complex. The woman complains that she is burdened with mortgages and debts, but she still has not received an apartment. She asked the governor what to do.

“Now a criminal case has been initiated against Petrostroy. The prosecutor’s office, together with the regional government, is actively working to find the company’s assets and raise funds for the completion of houses. Billions of rubles have already been attracted and a huge amount of work has been done with contractors and subcontractors. The houses will definitely be completed, and in some cases compensation will be paid. “, – said Drozdenko.

According to him, the crooks will be punished, and the houses will be completed. At the same time, it will not work to build them quickly. Drozdenko clarified that the main task for each house is to determine the completion scheme or payment of compensation.

By the end of the year, the governor will organize a meeting of equity holders with his deputy Yevgeny Baranovsky. He will tell you how “work will be carried out in 2022 for all facilities.”


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