Drug war zone: Buses that pass through Villa Española will have police patrols

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2023-12-06 15:00:52

Buses that pass through Villa Española will have police patrols due to violence between drug gangs.

In a dark chapter of the harsh reality that stalks Villa Española, the director of Coexistence and Citizen Security, Matías Terra, was forced to address the threat to neighbors from drug gangs. Last Tuesday’s meeting with the National Union of Transport Workers (Unott) revealed the reality of a neighborhood immersed in chaos.

The decisions made by the transport union are the result of the fear that is felt in the streets, where shootouts between drug gangs are now a latent threat. Lines 306 and 79, that cross the heart of Villa Española, now require reinforced patrolling to avoid becoming the scene of an announced tragedy.

Matías Terra, in his desire to provide a sense of security, expressed that the measure will be temporary, but no one can guarantee that normality will return to those streets infested by violence in just 15 or 20 days. Meanwhile, intelligence and patrolling are deployed in a desperate attempt to contain the fury of a hostile environment.

Terra expressed the importance of “neighbors being able to have the usual bus route and that workers feel safe as the buses travel through the area.” The measure adopted by the Ministry of the Interior will have an initial duration of 15 to 20 days. Simultaneously, intelligence and patrolling is being carried out in the neighborhood to comprehensively address the problem of insecurity.

“The streets are ours”: Alert about criminal gangs in Villa Española

In an alarming turn of events, WhatsApp messages reached dozens of neighbors over the past weekend, warning of possible shootings in the streets in retaliation for the recent murder of a member of a criminal gang.

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Residents of Villa Española were disturbed when they received messages on their cell phones, warning of an imminent confrontation between drug trafficking gangs in the area. One of the messages, attributed to the Suárez family, one of the most influential gangs in the area, expressed: “As a result of the death of our boy Ezequiel, we want to inform the Villa Española neighborhood not to go out on the streets because there will be revenge.” “, begins the message signed by the Suárez family, one of the most important drug gangs in the area, and ends with “every man for himself.”

Another text circulated on social networks says: “Neighbors of Villa Española, we want to apologize for the shooting in the neighborhood. We had to take down this boy from Corrales, from the band ‘los pibitos’, because revenge. We ask the neighborhood to stay in their homes because we are going to continue.”

“We are going to stop until we finish with all those worms. The streets are ours! For those who want to know who we are, We are the children of the bug, the ones who are dreaming. Thank you for your attention and take care of yourself, every man for himself,” the WhatsApp message adds.

The “children of the bug” are the other gang, the Albín, with whom the Suárez are in conflict and with whom they would be disputing for power in the streets of Villa Española.

“The streets are ours”: Criminal gangs from Villa Española alert neighbors about shootings as revenge

WhatsApp messages reached dozens of neighbors this weekend, warning that the streets were…

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