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The referee was called back by the Var and only after reviewing the images he called a foul. The two coaches expelled to Rome? Right decision

Inter-Juventus it’s up to Mariani with Guida alla Var. At 16 ‘Inter rightly took the lead with Dzeko. The first half was without difficulty for the referee with only two yellow cards for fouls between Barella and Alex Sandro. The recovery without emotions; at 65 ‘enter Dybala and Chiesa who provides the yellow for Peresic. At 89 ‘everything changes: on the edge of the Inter area Dumfries hits Alex Sandro’s leg. Mariani does not intervene even for the extent of the contact appears modest.

The Var Guida recalls Mariani which, after observation on the monitor, grants the penalty. Certainly a rigino, the tail of a search for a penalty that began a few years ago and that no one (including Fifa) has had the strength to take back.

Rome-Naples entrusted to Massa with Di Bello at the Var. The referee follows the game carefully: the first yellow card (17 ‘) for the agitated Mourinho. Tense game in the end of the first half, which Massa cooled down without disciplinary measures. Massa also limits interventions in the recovery: players accept his direction. Mourinho does not think so, expelled for protests. After the end also for Spalletti the red arrives for applause for the referee. True or false? Excellent refereeing.

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