Elche withstands the blue resistance and passes the phase in Linarejos

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2023-12-08 04:09:43

He Elche CF manages to advance to the next phase of the Copa del Rey after beating the Sports Linares on his first visit to Campo Azulillo in the knockout competition. Beccacece’s men achieved victory with a score of 1-3 after resisting Linares’ brave proposal in front of their fans. The goals of Garcés, Febas and Sergio Leon They would be the executioners of the Jaén team in the home premiere of Campaña, Linares’ new coach.

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The Linares team received again a competition in which it was already the executioner of a historic Spanish football event and in which it completed 100 games with the knockout competition patch on the right sleeve of the kit. The fans also received David Campaña, new coach of the Sports Linares after a turbulent start to the season that has them fourth from the bottom of the Group II from 1st RFEF, one point away from relegation.

First half marked by the strength of Linares against Elche

Linares saw the locker room tunnel after being the master of most of the ball possession during the first half. The people from Elche began the match with a great chance from Borja Garcés when the minute of the match was not up, repelled by a great save from Samu Casado at the blue goal line. The plan of Beccacece’s men was to exploit the right wing, where Carreira was the main offensive bulwark of the green and white team, accompanied by timid attacks by Lautaro Blanco in the first stages of the match.

He Sports Linares The match began with a notable disorder on the pitch but, after the first quarter of an hour of the match was over, Campaña’s men began to get hold of the ball and play with eleven players on the rival field after a great start from Elche, who would pay with the dominance of the Jaenenses, the premature error by Garcés a few meters from Casado’s goal. The Andalusians knew how to put fear into the rival’s body with a great chance from Varela on the left wing, who caressed the goal line against Édgar Badía, who regained ownership after five clean sheets by San Román, the one chosen by Beccacece this time. season.

Rentero’s versatility and the great play played by Rodri in the midfield would make the team’s dominance Sports Linares a reality on the green, and there would be fewer and fewer chances for Elche, who would complete the half hour of the match with the initial chance and an unsuccessful play rehearsed after an erratic Garcés, who sent the ball a few meters from the blue goalkeeper’s post. The debut of the new coach of the Sports Linares and the symptoms of David Campaña’s proposal were beginning to take their toll on a team with a renewed face after the tough defeat against Castellón away from home.

Mendoza and Salvador on the part of Elche would constantly resort to seeking the participation of Fidel and Carreira, always dangerous and the only player who was not plagued by the collapse of Elche, to dismantle the web of a Sports Linares spiteful of his fans, aware of the magic of a fetish competition in Jaén’s lands. Rentero was colossal at the end of the first 40 minutes of the game, which would be a constant headache for the network formed by Salvador and Mendoza in Elche’s midfield. The first half of the match ended with a great collective opportunity for the Linares team, who began to build Varela on the wing and found the alternative with the magic of Rodri’s boots, continually dangerous. The midfielder would place the ball a few meters from the goal Edgar Badía, who rejected the last opportunity coming from the boots of Dani Perejón.

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The resistance and effectiveness of Elche spilled the blue dream

Timid proposal from Beccacece’s men at the beginning of the second 45 minutes of the match. He Sports Linares He knew how to take advantage of the doubtful situation of the Elche team and put in his efforts with a suffocating pressure that made Badía work more than necessary with his feet after the poor response to the game of the Azulillo team. The Jaén team would present its credentials again with a great center of Hugo Diaz in the first five minutes on Samu Corral, who was penalized with a foul in attack after a struggle with the Elche defense.

Elche, without a response, began to cry out for fresh blood. Those in charge of going out onto the pitch and trying to change the situation for the green and white team would be Clerc, Castro and Mourad. The replacements would be preceded by a clear chance from Fidel with a double shot that he would send to limbo. However, Mourad and the new replacements did not take long to make themselves noticed and, in a great combination, the forward would assist Borja Garcés to score the first goal of the match and for Elche in Linarejos.

Linares held on to the setback with integrity and, three minutes later, Samu Casado he equalized the score again after a header in the center of the area that they could not hit Edgar Badia and the defense of Elche. The approach of Campaña’s men did not change and the pressure continued to put Beccacece’s men in trouble after the goal.

The calm came after the storm and Elche regained control of the ball with which the first half began. Two timid chances from Garcés and Castro, with a serious loss by Linares on the edge of the area and the following failure would be Elche’s proposal entering the 70th minute of the match. Campaign would replace Hugo Diaz two minutes later to give Berlanga an exit and reinforce the Azulillo attack.

The powerless dominance began to exasperate Beccacece and Linares introduced a double change in the 75th minute of the match. Llorente and a fantastic Varela left the match, very participative in the match and one of the constant threats of the blue team, to bring on Ortuño and Zaki. The people from Elche would respond with a great chance from a set piece three minutes later, which was stopped in spectacular fashion. Samu Casado. The Argentine coach also responded to the movement of chips from the Jaén team and introduced Sergio Leon, who came as a replacement for the scorer Borja Garcés.

An active Zaki and the participation and effect of the changes gave a 360º turn to the dynamics of the Jaén team. Despite this, Elche did not shy away from Linares’ proposal and found the second goal of the match in the boots of Febas with an accurate shot from the edge of the area with only seven minutes left in the match. Baby Mena y Javi Duarte They would be Campaña’s choices to try to equalize the tie and the automatic response to the former Málaga player’s goal. Despite this, the veteran would finish the job Sergio Leon with an unreachable ball for Samu Casado after a serious defensive error. The tie was sealed and Elche resisted the onslaught of the people from Jaen to move on to the next phase.

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